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Membership in NSA (National Stereoscopic Association) is required to join SSA and participate in its folios.  NSA Membership, which includes a subscription to Stereo World magazine, starts at $26.   Current membership fees are waived for 2014. Annual membership for the SSA is normally set at $10.00. 

To join SSA, first read both the Information for Prospective Members and the SSA Rules and Procedures.  Then download and complete the membership application (see links below).   Mail the completed application, your “First View(s)” and related detailed image information, along with your initial dues payment, to the SSA Treasurer:


Dan Shelley
4366 Morning Glory Road Colorado
Springs, CO 80920-7655
(719) 548-9081

Information for prospective SSA members

The Stereoscopic Society of America is an organization of active stereo photographers who show their works to each other by way of postal folios.  Presently, there are three general divisions: the Print Division, the Transparency Division and the Electronic Division.   The Transparency Division consists of seven independent folio circuits (four are for Realist format; one is for 2x2 (35 mm) stereo pairs; one is for medium format (2-1/4" x 2-1/4") stereo; and one is for View Master reels).  The Print Division consists of five different folio circuits, all in the Holmes format.  The new Electronic Division sponsors the SSA Online "folio" for digital stereo images. 

Once an applicant indicates one or more areas of interest and submits first year dues and "First View(s)," he or she is assigned to a specific folio, based on availability of space.  Presently there are no folios in over-under prints or larger than Holmes-size prints.  Such new folios may be formed given enough interest among the members and able secretaries to administer such groups.

Membership in the Society qualifies a member to participate in any or all of the 13 membership groups, but most members are active in only one or two.  (Most of the groups have more than one folio going around the circuit simultaneously). 

Should you decide at any time that you would like to join us, complete the SSA application form and send it to the Treasurer, along with your first-year dues and your first entry.  Make the check payable to "SSA. " See details on views below.  Members who elect to prepay for two years ($20) will receive a free copy of our latest 144 page SSA Yearbook. 

Because the Stereoscopic Society of America (SSA) is an affiliate of the National Stereoscopic Association (NSA), membership in NSA is required for membership in SSA.  Dues in NSA include a subscription to STEREO WORLD, the magazine of the Association, published six times a year.  Dues are $26. 00 a year, (or $38. 00 a year if you want first-class mailing of STEREO WORLD. )

Depending on your area of interest, i.e. , slides, cards, etc. , your first entry or entries should contain your name and view title on the back side of the slide or card. 

In addition please include in your letter as many details as you can about your first view, but don't worry too much if you don't have all the information.  Include your name, your address, title of each view, date each view was photographed and time of day, type of light, type of film, make of camera used, and was it on a tripod? Distance focused, filter used? Exposure details: f-stop and time.  (If you printed the image yourself, include type of developer, paper, toning, etc. ) For all images, also write a brief statement about each view, technique or site of the picture. 

The treasurer will transfer the information onto an SSA view envelope, and forward it to the secretary of the folio to which you are assigned.  The SSA Supply Secretary will mail a supply of SSA view envelopes to you for your future folio images. 


STEREO SLIDES: Your slide should be mounted in any standard 1-5/8" x 4" (41 x 101 mm) mount, with any size opening, i.e., 5 perforations from a Realist format camera, or almost full size opening from an SLR or other camera. Slides can be mounted in any commonly available 41 x 101 format stereo mount, but the first slide you submit should not be glass protected. Later on, you may use your glass protected mounts, but be aware that glass is likely to break in the course of repeated mailings. Please spot the slide mount with a dot (or use a dot sticker) on the low left corner as when you are viewing your slide in a hand viewer, to indicate which side is front and up.

PAIRS OF 2X2 SLIDES: If you are interested to join the 2x2x2 folio, submit a pair of standard full frame slides and mark the left and right slides clearly on front. 

MEDIUM FORMAT TRANSPARENCIES: If you want to join the 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" transparency folio, submit your transparency in a medium format stereo mount or write for more details. 

VIEW MASTER REELS: Include a personal reel (not a published reel), mark your name and title of the reel. 

STEREO CARDS: Presently SSA conducts only folios that use the standard Holmes size format of stereo prints.  This is the classical format where a pair of stereo prints are mounted on a card measuring 3-1/2" x 7".  The prints can be either B&W or in color. 

INTERNET FOLIO: The newest folio is for members interested to exchange their views and comments on the Internet.  In order to join a member must be able to produce digital images either by scanning conventional images and converting those to digital files, or by producing stereo images directly on a computer.  In addition, the member must join Yahoo! Groups to participate in this folio.  Please write for specifics by sending Email to folio secretary Shab Levy. 

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: When mailing your application and "First View(s)," please protect the images very well, in a thick or padded envelope.  Do not assume that the Postal Service will necessarily follow your plea to not bend the envelope! Use stiff cardboard or other means of protection. 

Something important to note: there is no reason to be intimidated to join SSA and show your work to your contemporaries, even if you have little experience with stereo photography! The goal of our organization is to share views, give and receive feedback (both praise and constructive suggestions for improvement), and to have lot's of fun doing all this.  Once you start getting the folios in the mail every month or every few months, you will wonder why you haven't joined earlier. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the SSA officers for more information.  You are also invited to join the SSA Email discussion group at Yahoo Groups to pose your questions to the list.  You will find plenty of enthusiastic stereo photographers willing to discuss their love of this thrilling hobby, and their experiences with SSA folios-a truly wonderful means of sharing the Joy of Stereo with each other.