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Every issue of Stereo World brings you:

  • News of current 3D products from cameras and viewers to video systems, software, and supplies.
  • Information on collecting everything from elegant stereoscopes to glass or paper stereoviews.
  • View-Master reels to the most obscure advertising images or plastic 3D toys ever issued.
  • Historical research into stereoview photographers and publishers of the past 150 years.
  • Tips on shooting, mounting, viewing & projecting your own stereo photos.
  • Reviews of 3D films and of books covering or using stereoscopic images.

In the Current Issue

March / April 2018

Stereo World Magazine (cover) Vol 43 No 5
Stereo World Magazine (contents) Vol 43 No 5

Stereo World magazine Volume 43 #5 is loaded with news about 3D Imaging Past & Present:

  • Editor's View
  • The Unknowns
  • Alonzo Bunker's People and Scenes in Burmah
  • NewViews
  • Stereo for Ears and Eyes
  • View-Master: Stable and Still Very Much Alive
  • Home Theatre 3-D
  • European Gems
  • A Stereo-Guided Falls Experience
  • Classifieds

Plus NewViews, Editor's View and more!

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Stereo World Index

The Stereo World Index, covering 1974-2008 (volume 1, #1 through volume 34, #3), as a bound, user-friendly, hard copy book.

Edited by Sherryl & Ernie Rairdin.

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