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EnvelopeStereoviews arrive in an envelope which contains information about the image and it's maker. Other members can write critiques and comments on the space provided.

Members of SSA participate in one or more stereo photo “folios.”  A traditional folio is a collection of stereo images (slides or prints) that circulates by mail among the members.  Participants look forward with great anticipation to the arrival of the folio package—a box containing approximately 25 stereo photos made by other folio members.

Here’s how it works: when a member (we’ll call him “John”) receives his first folio, he views all the images, writes a comment or two on each stereograph’s “envelope,” and adds one of his own stereo photos to the folio.  He then mails it to the next person on the routing list, and anxiously awaits the day the package comes around again.  When it does return, John is rewarded with feedback about his entry from the other folio members.  John removes the stereo photo he previously entered and inserts a new stereo photo—just as each person in the circuit has already done since John last saw the package.  That means, of course, that the makeup of a folio changes at each stop, such that every time John receives it, he has an entirely new set of images to view!  So he views and comments on all the images currently in the folio, and once again sends it along to the next person on the routing list.

The SSA operates several distinct folio groups designated, for example “Alpha,” “Gamma,” etc.  Within each group there may be multiple folio packages circulating among the members simultaneously—so that members don’t have to wait for a single box to travel the entire circuit before receiving another set of images to view.

Note that due to the mailing time restraints, participation in the traditional SSA folios has been restricted to the USA and Canada.

SSA folios are administered by the following volunteers,

whose services, though seldom thanked,

are greatly appreciated!


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