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Speedy Print Folio

There are 4 different Speedy Folios.
Alpha, Bravo, Keystone & Mike

Speedy Folios were started in 1979 by Bill C. Walton for Holmes type stereo cards. The idea was to keep the folios at about 12 members, so they could be viewed quickly and sent on their way. The Speedy Alpha folio is divided into 2 boxes Speedy Alpha I and Speedy Alpha II. The Speedy Alpha Folio was so popular that Bill started the Speedy Bravo folio. In addition there is also the Speedy Keystone and Speedy Mike Folios which share black and white images only.

Speedy views


Format Holmes style stereo prints
Number of Folios Circulating 5
Average Circuit Time 12 months

Speedy views



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