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Gamma Slide Folio


Gamma Folio is a slide transparency folio with over a dozen members. Gamma  currently has four circulating folio boxes. Each member receives a box,  views the stereo slide images in the slide viewer of their choice, makes   comments on the individual slide envelopes, and replaces their own image  with a new slide.

Currently it takes about a year for each box to make it around the circuit of members. With fewer individuals shooting slide film these days, we can easily accept new members who have an interest in still working with slide film.  


A couple members are outputting their digital images onto film slides to add to the folios and to share with friends and family. By starting with a digital image, they can adjust their images as needed using image adjustment software and then output the image to slide film, either by themselves or by sending the image to a digital-to-film service to put the images onto slide film. and both offer this service.

Format 41x101 Stereo Slides
Number of Boxes Circulating 4
Average Circuit Time ??

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