The NSA is divided into geographic regions with a director assigned to each. Contact a regional director for information about local events or NSA activities.

Regional Directors, U.S.

  • New England

    Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

    Dick Koolish

  • Metropolitan New York City

    John Zelenka

  • Delaware Valley

    Pennsylvania, Deleware, New Jersey, Upstate New York

    Sheldon Aronowitz

  • Middle Atlantic

    Virgina, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington, DC

    Mike Cantor

  • Southeast

    Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina

    Cecil Stone

  • Eastern Midwest

    Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee

    George Themelis

  • Upper Midwest

    Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota

    Martin Schub

  • Central Midwest

    Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri

    Dennis Green

  • South Central

    Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas

    Eddie Bowers

  • Mountain

    Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska

    Dan Shelley

  • West (South)

    Southern California, Southern Nevada, Hawaii

    Lawrence Kaufman

  • West (North)

    Northern California, Northern Nevada

    Mat Bergman

  • Southwest

    Arizona, Utah, New Mexico

    Tom Dory

  • Northwest

    Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho

    Don Munsil

Regional Directors, Canada

Regional Director, South America

Regional Director, Europe

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