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Stereo World Magazine

Each issue includes:

Current 3D product news:

cameras, viewers, video systems, software, and supplies

All about collecting:

stereoscopes, glass and paper stereoviews, View-Master reels, obscure advertisements and 3D toys

Historical research

stereoview photographers and publishers of the past 150 years

How To’s

photograph, mount, view & project your own stereo photos


3D movies, and of books covering or using stereoscopic images

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3D-Con Digital Issue

Volume 47, Number 1


"A Tale of Two Cities and the Panama Canal"
"The Los Angeles 3-D Club Archives"
"The Pillars of Hercules are Missing"
"'50s Flavored Finds"
"The Unknowns"


News & More

"3D-Con 2021 is Upon Us!"

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We welcome your submissions on:

  • stereo photography (historical or contemporary) stereoviews, stereographers, publishers, cameras, viewers, and 3-D imaging
  • “how to” articles about stereo equipment and techniques
  • unique stereo subjects and events

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The first 34 years of Stereo World Magazine – all 200 issues on DVD.

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Edited by Sherryl & Ernie Rairdin.

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Back Issues


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Digital Stereo World back issues


Stereo World Magazine questions answered.

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Stereo World actively welcomes submissions that focus on historical and contemporary stereo photography and stereoviews, including stereographers, publishers, cameras, viewers, and 3-D imaging.

We also welcome informative and “how to” articles about stereo equipment and techniques relating to cameras, viewers, digital, video, and mobile applications. Articles illustrating unique stereo subjects and events are also encouraged. Space constrains our ability to publish lengthy articles featuring stereos by clubs and individuals as well as general historical articles illustrated with stereoviews but not focused on stereography.

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We are a not-for-profit organization founded in 1974.
We have over 1000 members.

Our goals are:

  • to promote research, collection and use of vintage and contemporary stereoviews, stereo cameras and equipment, and related materials;
  • to promote the practice of stereo photography;
  • to encourage the use of stereoscopy in the fields of visual arts and technology;
  • to foster the appreciation of the stereograph as a visual historical record. The National Stereoscopic Association was founded in 1974.

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