About Us

National Stereoscopic Association (NSA)


  • Founded in 1974
  • With over 1000 members


  • Annual 3D Convention
  • Annual Trade Fair


  • A magazine for 3D collectors and 3D photographers.
  • In print since 1974
  • Exclusive to NSA members
  • 6 issues published annually


  • to promote the research, collection, and use of vintage and contemporary stereoviews, stereo cameras, equipment, and related materials 
  • to promote the practice of stereo photography 
  • to encourage the use of stereoscopy in the fields of visual arts and technology
  • to foster the appreciation of the stereograph as a visual historical record


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John Dennis
Portland OR
(503) 771-4440

John Bueche
Cleveland, OH

Barb Gauche
Macomb Township, MI

position currently open

Dean Kamin

David Kuntz
Los Angeles, California

Michael Tubbe
Stratford, ON Canada


Contact a regional director for information about local events or NSA activities.
The NSA is divided into geographic regions with a director assigned to each region.

New England

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Dick Koolish

Metropolitan New York City

John Zelenka

Delaware Valley

Pennsylvania, Deleware, New Jersey, Upstate New York

Sheldon Aronowitz

Middle Atlantic

Virgina, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington, DC

Mike Cantor


Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina

Cecil Stone

Eastern Midwest

Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee

George Themelis

Upper Midwest

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota

Tom Martin

Central Midwest

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri

Dennis Green

South Central

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas

Eddie Bowers


Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska

Dan Shelley

West (South)

Southern California, Southern Nevada, Hawaii

Lawrence Kaufman

West (North)

Northern California, Northern Nevada

Mat Bergman


Arizona, Utah, New Mexico

Tom Dory


Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho

Don Munsil

Canada (East)

Robert Wilson

Canada (West)

Rolf Eipper

Regional Director, South America

Ciro Silva, MD, PhD

Regional Director, Europe

Alexander Klein

+49 (711) 5208768-2


  • Russell Norton, Chairman
  • Alexander Klein
  • Phyllis Maslin
  • John Bueche
  • Jeremy Rowe
  • Leonard A. Walle
  • J Claire Dean
  • Steve Berezin

NSA Bylaws


NSA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

  • for long, dedicated service to the NSA and/or outstanding contribution to stereoscopy
  • recipients are determined by the NSA Board of Directors
  • not necessarily given annually
2021Russell Norton
2018Lawrence Kaufman
2017William H. (Bill) Moll
2012John Dennis
2012Sylvia Dennis (deceased 11/26/14)
2010Gordon D. Hoffman
2004John Waldsmith
1999Lois Waldsmith (who also won the Robert M. Waldsmith award) (deceased)
1998T.K. “Tex” Treadwell (first year of this award) (deceased)

The William C. Darrah “Fellow of the NSA” Award

  • for Distinguished Scholarship and Extraordinary Knowledge of Stereoscopy
  • originally called “Fellow of the NSA” – named in 1995
  • selected by the Awards Committee
  • nominations can be made, but only one is chosen each year.
2022Dr. Melody Davis
2021Eric Kurland
2020H. Lee Pratt
2020Sheldon Aronowitz
2019Ralph Reilly
2018Jeremy Rowe
2017David W. Kuntz
2016William H. (Bill) Moll
2015George Themelis
2014Nicholas M. Graver
2013Denis Pellerin
2012Lawrence Kaufman
2011Albert L. Sieg
2010Brian May
2010Elena Vidal
2009John Weiler
2008Alexander Klein
2007Ron Labbe
2006Leonard A. Walle
2005Bill C. Walton
2004Martin and Barbara Mueller (camera designers), SW V28 #5 pg.8
2003Robert Bloomberg
2002Brandt Rowles, Former NSA President
2001Russell Norton
2000Ray Zone (following his keynote address)
1999Mary Ann Sell, Former NSA President
1999Wolfgang Sell
1998William (Bill) A. Duggan
1997Paula R. Fleming
1996Bill Brey
1995Susan Pinsky
1995David Starkman
1994John Dennis Stereo World Editor
1993John Waldsmith
1992Norman B. Patterson
1991Louis and Jewel Smaus (posthumously)
1990Laurence Wolfe
1989T.K. “Tex” Treadwell, Former NSA President
1988Wm. “Russ” Young (also guest speaker in Cincinnati)
1987Photographic historian/writer/researcher/publisher and frequent Stereo World contributor Peter E. Palmquist, Former NSA President
1986Frequent Stereo World contributor Richard C. Ryder
1985Paul Wing
1984Frederick S. Lightfoot
1983Dr. William C. Darrah (award named for him in 1995)

The Robert M. and Lois Waldsmith Award

  • for Meritorious Service and Extraordinary Contribution of Time and Effort to NSA
  • award renamed in 2013; originally named the Robert M. Waldsmith award in 1993
  • Selected by the Awards Committee
  • Nominations can be made, but only one is selected each year
2022Phyllis Maslin
2021Steve Berezin
2020John Bueche
2019David Starkman
2018John Waldsmith (2004 – lifetime, 1993 – Darrah, 1984 – Waldsmith with Robert & Lois)
2017Lee Pratt
2016Ernie & Sherryl Rairdin
2015David W. Kuntz
2014Rich Dubnow
2013Sylvia Dennis
2012Barbara Gauche
2011Ray Zone
2010Robert D. Shotsberger
2009Don R. Gibbs, retiring long-time back issues manager
2008Steve Hughes
2008Suzanne Hughes
2007Wolfgang Sell
2007Mary Ann Sell, Former NSA President
2006Bill Moll
2005Harry Richards
2004Mel Mittermiller for transporting the NSA screen (2004 – 2006)
2003Lawrence Kaufman, (NSA 2002 Riverside Chairman) former NSA President
2002Dan Shelley
2001Paula Fleming
2000Larry Moor – NSA Past President
1999Lois Waldsmith (who also became an honorary lifetime member)
1998Raymond Holstein
1998Marjorie Holstein
1998Talbot H. Crane, for many years of volunteer efforts for the Holmes Library
1998Dorothy Crane, for many years of volunteer efforts for the Holmes Library
1998Dr. William A. Zucker, for many years of volunteer efforts for the Holmes Library
1997Andrew Griscom
1996Mark Willke
1995Gordon D. Hoffman, Former NSA President
1994Dave and Robin Wheeler
1993John Weiler, for 14 years of dedicated service as NSA Secretary (1st year named the Robert M. Waldsmith Award)
1992Robert G. Duncan
1991Larry Hess, for work computerizing the NSA Directory as well as several other projects
1990Linda Carter
1989Marjorie and Raymond Holstein, for expanding and computerizing the Holmes Library (awarded again in 1998)
1988The better-late-than-never Stereo World Editor John Dennis
1987Dr. William A. Zulker, Former curator/librarian of the Holmes Library (awarded again on 1998)
1986NSA founder Rick Russack
1985T.K. “Tex” Treadwell, Former NSA President
1984John, Lois and Robert Waldsmith (the award was named for him in 1993). Lois was awarded again in 1999.
1983Linda Carter and John Weiler (Linda Carter was awarded again in 1990; John Weiler was awarded again in 1993)

Special Awards (including “citation for generous financial support”)

  • generally awarded by NSA President in years decided as is merited
  • awarded by Chairman of the Board if given to the NSA President
2022Phyllis Maslin and Greg Perez
co-chairing 3D-Con 2022
2021Lifetime Membership to Russell Norton
2021Al Sieg, Special Recognition for dedication to the NSA and stereo photography
2021Steve Berezin
Chair of 3D-Con 2021
2020Phyllis Maslin & Greg Perez
co-chairing 3D-Con 2020
2019Richard C Ryder for Dedication to NSA and Stereo Photography
2019Barb Gauche & John Bueche
co-chairing 3D-Con 2019
2018Lifetime Membership to Lawrence Kaufman
2018Barb Gauche & John Bueche
co-chairing 3D-Con 2018
2018Michael and Maxine Tubbe
for their time and expertise redoing the NSA website
2018Terry Wilson
3D-Con webmistress for many years
2017Lifetime Membership to Bill Moll
2017Steve Berezin
chairing 3D-Con 2017
2014Richard C. Ryder for his many feature articles in Stereo World magazine
2013John Bueche and Barb Gauche
for chairing 3D-Con
2012Lifetime Membership to John Dennis & Sylvia Dennis (deceased 11/26/14)
2010Masuji Suto
for his work and continual improvements to his fantastic and free software, “StereoPhoto Maker.”
2010David Sykes
for his work with the stereo additions to “StereoData Maker” and his work with English translations for “StereoPhoto Maker.”
2010John Bueche and Barb Gauche
chairing 3D-Con
2010Lifetime Membership to Gordon D. Hoffman
2006Martha McCann
Continuing Generous Financial Support of the Association
2006Brian May
Generous Financial Support of Stereo World
2005Dave Wheeler
In Gratitude for Years of dedicated service to the National Stereoscopic Association
2005Ron Labbe
NSA Special Award in Grateful Recognition of Generous Contributions to the NSA
2005Martha McCann
Continuing Generous Financial Support of the Association
2005Eddie & Carol Bowers
In grateful appreciation for charing the 2005 Convention
2004Mary Ann Sell
For service as NSA Vice President (1996-2000) and President (2000-2004) Plaque and 1st NSA Medal
2004Diane Rulien
Special Recognition for chairing the 2004 convention
2003Bill Moll
Greatful Recognition for Charing the NSA 2003 Convention
2003John Jerit and David Thompson
Grateful Recognition of Generous Contribution
2002(President’s Award) Lawrence Kaufman and Mike Aversa for chairing the convention
2002Cassie Kaufman for convention work
2001Bob Aldridge for restoration of the Pat Whitehouse show
2001(President’s Award) Marty Abramson for chairing the 2001 convention
2000NSA Special Recognition
Leonard Walle, for the ten years as head of the Awards Committee.
1999NSA Special Recommendation
Oliver and Jean Reese of the H.H. Bennett Studio Foundation for the preservation and restoration of one of the last intact sites of America’s great frontier photographer, the H.H. Bennett Studio in Wisconsin Dells (see V25 #1). Besides helping fund a multi-million dollar restoration project with the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Oliver and Jean Dyer Reese (Bennett’s great-granddaughter) have donated a large selection of original Bennett views to the NSA Holmes Library.
1995Dan Dyckman “Little did anyone realize that your seminal two-page article ‘Single Image Random Dot Stereograms’ in Stereo World, May/June 1990, would serve to stimulate and inspire computer graphics artists and 3-D enthusiasts to experiment with autostereograms all over the world”.
1995T.K. Treadwell for his careful scholarship and seemingly unlimited energy in completing and publishing the two-volume encyclopedia “Stereographers of the World”. This work is now maintained at the Holmes Library.
1992Russ Young was again given special recognition for his generous financial support of the organization.
1991Steve Davidson for his substantial contribution of stock shares and Russ Young for his continuing generous financial support.
1988Raymond Haines Jr.: “Generous Financial Support of the NSA” for his generous donation to the Holmes Library and Dwight Cummings:”Distinguished Support” for his generous contribution through his company Wy’East Color, of the color preparation and separation materials for the March/April ’88 color issue.
1987William “Rus” Young was again honored his very generous financial support of the NSA.
1986William “Rus” Young was again honored his generous financial support of the NSA.
1985William “Russ” Young was again honored his generous financial support of the NSA.
1984William “Russ” Young, award for generous financial support.
1983William “Russ” Young, award for generous financial support.

The Ray Zone Award

  • for Best Stereo World Article on Historical Stereoscopy
  • renamed in 2013, formerly known as the NSA Award and, prior to that, the Edward B. Berkowitz Award
  • Selected by the Awards Committee
2022Lynn Marie Mitchell
“The Western Images of William Richard Cross”
Stereo World Volume 47, Numbers 1 & 2
2022Honorable Mention to Ralph Reiley
“A Tale of Two Cities and the Panama Canal”
Stereo World Volume 47, Numbers 1, 3 & 4
2021Bruce Graver
“Ogle and Edge: Lakeland Stereographers”
V46 #1
2021Honorable Mention to Stephen Colwill and Philip Banham
“Henry Taylor’s
Photographic Journey Through Rural Brittany”

V46 #4
2020Lynn Marie Mitchell
“Stanley Julius Morrow: Frontier Photographer of the Dakota and Montana Territories”
V45 #2
2019Russell Norton
“Signor Blitz: Master of Magic”
V44 #3
2018Denis Pellerin
his series “European Gems: Stereoviews from Old Europe & the Stories Behind Them”
2017Paula Fleming
“R.B. Lewis’ Morning Glories”
V42 #4
2016Richard C. Ryder
“Luftwaffe! Hitler Takes to the Skies – 1 & 2”
V41 #1 & 2
2015Keith B. C. Brady & Jean Stacy Gore
2014“Shimooka Renjo and the Mystery G.A.B. Stereoview Series” by Terry Bennett & Rob Oechsle
V39 #4
2013Paula Fleming
An Olio of Oddities, W.S. Woodin’s Polygraphic Performances
V38 #1
2012Ralph Reiley
Giants in the Sky: Zeppelins
V37 # 1 & 2
2011Lorne Shields
Early Cycling in Stereos
V36 #6
2010Paula Richardson Fleming
The Iridescent World of Bi-colored Stereos
V35 #1
2009Ralph Reiley
The Great War and the First Tanks
V34 #4
2008Paul Hickman
John James Reilly: Catalog, Old Series (1867-75) and Views (1865-70) 2 parts
V33 #4 & additions V33 #6
2008 HMBrian May and Elena Vidal
The London Stereoscopic Company Reborn!
V 33 #5
2007Terry Bennett
Search for Rossier, Early Photographer of China and Japan
V 32 #4
2006May & Elena Vidal
T.R. Williams’ ‘Scenes in our Village’ New Discoveries, New Mysteries
V31 #4
2005John Bradley
Before the Trail Goes Cold… Stereographers in Victorian Matlock
V30 #3
2005 HMDel Phillips
The Peace Jubilees
V30 #6
2004Richard C. Ryder
Kimberley, Ladysmith and Mafeking: A Tale of Three Sieges
V29 #5&6
2003Bert M. Zuckerman There Were Soldiers At the Alter
V28 #6
2002Richard C. Ryder
From the Gates of Hell
V28 #5
2001Robert King
L.L. Cupp, Sr. Keystone Salesman and Photographer
V27 #4
2000Richard C. Ryder
The General: A Locomotive’s Legacy
V26 #4
2000 HMPaul C. Juhl
C.L. Wasson: International Views From the Center of Illinois
V26 #1
1999Denis Pellerin and Pierre Tavlizki for their continuing column European Gems,
Stereoviews From Old Europe and the Stories Behind Them
1999 HMLynn Marie Mitchell
Daniel Hubbard Cross: Photographer and Musician, 1836-1918
V25 #6
1999 HMBert M. Zuckerman
Charles Bierstadt’s Stereoviews of Tripoli, Egypt and Palestine
V25 #4
1998Bert M. Zuckerman
Edward L. Wilson’s ‘Scenes in the Orient’-the Arabia Series
V24 #4
1998 HMNorman Thorpe
Spokane’s Orrin William Watson
V24 #1
1998 HMNorman B. Patterson
Lotta-Girl of the Golden West
V24 #2
1997Lois and Guenther Bauer
Seneca Ray Stoddard
V23 #2
1997 HMRobert G. Wilson
Notman’s Maple Box
1996Dan Aquilino
The Erie Canal in Early Stereoviews
V22 #6
1996 HMBert M. Zuckerman
Nineteenth Century Tourist Views of the Near East
V22 #5
1995Norman D. Patterson
Beaches, Belles & Bathing Costumes
V21 #4
1994T.K. Treadwell
Dr. I.I. Hayes, the First Polar Photographer
V20 #3
1994 HMWalter Lewis
George Lewis: Keystone’s Last Stereographer
V20 #5
1993Linda McShane
The Littleton View Company
V19 #6
1992Bill Lee and Jo Shaffer
Stereo Photography in Salt Lake City
V18 #3
Lynn Marie Mitchell
B.F. Childs’ Images Along Lake Superior
V18 #6
1991Mark Dilaura
3-part series on stereography of Niagara Falls began
V17 #4
1990William Brey
Ten Million Stereo Views A Year
V16 #6
1989John Waldsmith
The Whiting Brothers of Cincinnati
V15 #5
1988Richard C. Ryder
The Great Liners of the North Atlantic
V14 #5
1987Bruce Hooper
Arizona Territorial Stereography
(4 part series)
1986Norman D. Patterson
The Birth of Burlesque In America
V12 #6
1985John Dennis
Seven Billion Windows on the World: View-Master Then & Now
1984Alan Young
James Thurlow: Colorado’s Overlooked Photographer
V10 #6
1983Peter E. Palmquist
The Stereographs of Peter Britt
V8 #2

The Lou Smaus Award

  • for Best Stereo World Article on Modern Stereoscopy
  • Memorial Award, first awarded in 1988 and named in 1991
  • selected by the Awards Committee
2022David Kuntz
"Mirror Stereos"
Stereo World Volume 47, Number 3
2021Pascal Martine
"Restoring Stereoscopic Antiques"
V46 #5
2021Honorable Mention to Paul Nesbitt
"The Art of Stereography"
V46 #4
2020Dr. Paul Schenk
"From Pluto to Arrokoth: How We Got the Most Distant Stereo Images Ever Acquired"
V45 #6
2019Lawrence Kaufman
"Creature from the Black Lagoon Approaches 65"
V44 #1
2018Rosalie Chandler
"Experimental Filmmakers take 3-D to New Dimensions"
V43 #6
2017Mark A. Willke
"The Nightmare Returns Again!"
V42 #5
2016Eric Kurland "Paul Terry???s Terryscope"
V41 #3
2015Michael Taylor
"Stereoscopic Images Used as an Aid to Painting"
V40 #4
2014 HM"The Lost World of Planterwald"
by Ringo Schnieder and translator Wolfgang Sell
V39 #5
2014"Easy Aerial Hypers with the Fuji W3"
by Mark A. Willke
V39 #6
2013"Waldo Canyon Fire Stereos the Pikes Peak Library"
by Dan Shelley
Vol. 38 #4
2012David W. Kuntz
An Easy Way to Make Stereo View Cards
V37 #1
2011Ray Zone
Detour to Midnight – Shooting Three Dimensions in the Dark Country
V36 #1
2010George Themelis
Hyper/Hypo fun with the W1
V35 #6
2009Robert Thorpe
The Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008
V34 #1
2008 HMJerry Oldaker’s images
Fantastic Fractals
V33 #6
2008David Starkman
A Beginner’s Guide to Digital 3-D Projection
V33 #4
2007William Thompson & Eric De Jong
V32 #1
2006Rose George
3-DPRK: A Stereo View into North Korea
V31 #3
2005 HMStan White
IR Dreams
V30 #6
2005 HMDimitrios Papadopoulos
Stereo Adventures: Covering the Athens Olympics
V30 #5
2005Ray Zone
New Technology for Large Format 3-D
V30 #5
2004Sheldon Aronowitz and Gary Schacker
Unseen Ellis Island
V30 #2
2003Jerry Chase
Anaglyphs on the Internet
V29 #1
2002Sheldon Aronowitz and John J. Zelenka
Documenting 9/11 on Depth
V28 #4
2001Robert Vance
The Lenticular Legacy of Harvey Prever
V27 #5
2000 HMLawrence Kaufman
3-D Galapagos
V26 #5
2000Boris Starosta
3-D Goes Into Overdrive
V26 #6
1999 HMBoris Starotsa
On Stereo Imaging of Pixies, Fairies, and Other Ephemera
V25 #6
1999Don Marren
Remembering Noel Archambault: 1961-1998
V25 #5
1998 HMGabriel Jacob
Discovering 3-Discover
V24 #2
1998Norman B. Patterson
Stereo-Optics and John P. Medders
V24 #4
1997Mark Willke and Ron Zakowski
A Close Look Into the Realist Macro Stereo System
V23 #1
1996 HMPaul Schenk
3-D Moons: Hyperstereo of the Outer Solar System
V22 #1
1996Don Marrin
Shooting Wings of Courage, the First 3-D IMAX Drama
V22 #3
1995Robert J. Leonard and Ronald J. Leonard
Stereographing the ’92 Winter Games
V21 #1
1994 HMJohn Dennis
Stereo in Eastbourne
V20 #4
1994R.F. Housholder
Shooting Iceland’s Surprises With a Stereo Spice Rack
V20 #1
1993Mark A. Willke
The Realist Custom
V19 #2
1992Albert G. Richards
3-D Floral Radiographs
V18 #6
1991Leon Kosofsky
A Look in Space and Time: The Apollo Stereo Record
V17 #3 (1st year named)
1990Howard L. Taylor
View-Master Commercial 3-D
V16 #4
1989William H. Bonney
Journey into the Deep Sky
V16 #3
1988Norman B. Patterson
Through the Electron Window
V14 #1


Keynote Speakers

2022Denis Pellerin discussed new London Stereoscopic Company book
2021Denis Pellerin "Theatricals"
2021Demetri Portelli "From Hugo to Gemini Man"
2020Denis Pellerin "That's the Spirit! Ghosts in the Stereoscope and Other Special Effects"
2020Suzanne Lloyd "The Stereo Photography of Harold Lloyd"
2019Denis Pellerin "Victorian Working Class Women in the Stereoscope"
2018Denis Pellerin "Stereoscopic Studios in the Victorian Era"
2017Chris Casady "Star Wars"
2016Denis Pellerin (without Brian May) "Crinoline: Fashion's Most Magnificent Disaster"
2015Dr. Brian May & Denis Pellerin "The Poor Man's Picture Gallery"
2014Phil "Captain 3D" McNally "Riding the 3D Wave"
2013Dr. Brian May, Denis Pellerin and Paula Richardson Fleming
2012Lenny Lipton
2010Dr. Brian May and Elena Vidal
2009Charley Van Pelt, retired View-Master photographer/salesman
2008Phil "Captain 3D" McNally
2007None, Cowboy Rudy entertained.
2006Jacques Cote
2005Anne E. Peterson, Curator of Photography at the The DeGolyer Library.
2004Murray Lerner, 3-D filmmaker
2003Bob Zeller (see 1998)
2002Chris Yewdall of Dynamic Digital Depth, Inc.
2001none (held ice cream social)
2000Ray Zone
1999Dave Ciganko, Fisher Price Director of Product Design (View-Master keynote)
1998Bob Zeller, author of "The Civil War in Depth"
1997David G. Hitchcock (longtime View-Master employee)
1996William (Bill) Ewald (38-year Kodak veteran known as Mr. Stereo)
1995Tom Baccei (Magic Eye)
1994Ron Zakowski (43-year David White employee)
1993Photographic Historian Peter Palmquest
1992Gary Evans (View-Master Vice President of Creative and Licensing)
1991Roy Flukinger, Curator of the Harry Ranson Humanities Research Center of the Photography, Theater Arts and Film Collection at the University of Texas in Austin
1990Thurman (Jack) Naylor, NSA Member whose collection had been featured in Smithsonian Magazine
1988Wm. "Russ" Young (also named Fellow of the NSA)
1983Talk by Dr. William C. Darrah, "Towards a Directory of American Stereographers (1854-1940)" (also named fellow of the NSA)



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