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Stereo World Digital Index

Stereo World Digital Index DVD cover The first 34 years of Stereo World Magazine – all 200 issues on DVD. Includes volume 1 through volume 34 (1974-208) with a searchable index. Each issue is scanned as a high-resolution PDF. Order directly for $49.95 Lawrence Kaufman 1607 Mariposa Drive Corona, CA 92879-1121 (951) 642-0691

Stereo World Index

The Stereo World Index, covering 1974-2008 (volume 1, #1 through volume 34, #3), as a bound, user-friendly, hard copy book. Edited by Sherryl & Ernie Rairdin. Order Online from Lulu Publishing for $20.

Stereo World Back Issues

To order individual printed back issues of STEREO WORLD from the past three years only, write to: Back Issues PO Box 86708 Portland OR 97286 Or, email Back issues are $8 each postpaid in the U.S. and $10.00 each for international shipment.