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NSA Stereographic Resources Program

We are pleased to announce that NSA is rolling out a new, on-line resource for collectors and historians.  After many inquiries, Tex Treadwell's (in association with other stereo historians) resources of checklists, backlists, biographies etc. are being updated, revamped and made available again, as are new lists.

This program is being launched with an exciting and long awaited list of Michael Burr's British comic narrative views.  Many years ago, Russell Norton tracked down Burr's original copyright registrations.  Other than a few blind-stamped cards, Burr is not credited on the majority of the cards.  His name was completely unknown and even denied by collectors until Russell's research provided a credit to these prevalent genre views.  This was no easy task as in the 1850s the new craft of photography did not have its own copyright category and images were entered along with all other works of art -- paintings, illustrations, books, sculpture, etc.

In the early 1860s photography was added as a category under the art registration descriptions, but finding aids and modern archivists denied the existence of any photographic entries before then.  Russell undertook the task of reading through all of the 1850s and 1860s entries to extract the information.  In addition to his steadfast work digging out copyright records, he also acquired an incredible sample book of Burr's images which provided further evidence of the photographer's work.  Russell has kindly shared his research as the inaugural list for NSA's Stereographic Resources program.

The lists will mostly be in the form of spreadsheets which will be made available pre-sorted into logical categories such as photographer's original number, title, date, etc.   (These are "read only" documents.  The spreadsheets/lists themselves will not be available except to those involved in their production and maintenance.)   These valuable resources will be rolled out a few at a time as they are completed, so researchers should check back periodically.   They are free of charge to everyone for downloading and self-printing.

Paula Fleming has agreed to oversee this program.  As projects like this require the help of many people, volunteers are greatly appreciated.  Anyone who has an interest in "adopting" an existing list and overseeing editorial changes, rekeying old documents, or proposing, making and donating new ones should contact her at britishstereos@hotmail.com.   We are also open to proposals for a permanent name for this program.   Your help is critical in making this exciting program a success.

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