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Learn 3-D, share your stereo photos, enter a competition, join a local club — stereo is social!

3D Clubs

3D photography is a community effort that’s supported by clubs, folios, and events. Clubs and Associations are vital to keep interest in 3D alive and allow people to meet and exchange ideas, view photos or just have a good time.

Stereoscopic Society of America

The Stereoscopic Society of America (SSA) promotes the art of stereoscopic photography by sponsoring stereographic image folios. Society members view and write comments about each others’ stereo images, for fun and for skills development.

Amateur Photographic Exchange Club (APEC)

The Amateur Photographic Exchange Club is a rebirth of the famous stereo card exchange club of the 1860′s. Four times a year, each member exchanges one self-made print stereograph with every other member. The stereo views received by a member are his/hers to keep and own. There are members throughout the USA and several other countries.

Photographic Society of America 3D Division

The 3D division of the historic Photographic Association of America consists of stereo slide and stereo card study groups. The PSA conducts several annual 3D photography competitions, and winners receive accreditation.

International Stereoscopic Union

The International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) was founded in 1975 and is the only international 3D association in the world. The ISU is a club of individual 3D enthusiasts as well as a club of stereo clubs. The ISU’s members currently number more than 1,050 and come from over 40 countries world-wide.